The Green Party

What is The Green Party?

The green party is a party which is being hosted by... the guy listed on the "Who?" page. The green party will basically be the... best... ever. It will be a fun party, like other parties are, except it will be focused around "green" as a color and as an ideal. Therefore, kudos to those who wear green clothing, paint their bodies green, eat green food, recycle all of their plastics and papers, drive a hybrid, and/or give me money.

It will be pretty much open to anyone to come (assuming issues are resolved on my "Where?" page, and then my "When?" page if necessary), and ought to be a fun time.

As far as activites go, there are none planned. That is because activites make parties suck. If you want there to be activites, you probably are a loser and don't enjoy things that are awesome! ... Or perhaps it is I who is the loser.

Anyhow, come if I have it. That is pretty much the rule.